Louis Mariette Celebrity Clients

Oscar night always brings out the best dressed, with some of the most gorgeous designer outfits being seen on the red carpet. While the gowns certainly were stunning, some of the hair accessories were even more so, with several celebrity guests spied wearing spectacular Louis Mariette-designed headpieces.

Jerry HallWhen Jerry Hall glided down the red carpet in a siren red strapless sequined gown, her glossy blonde locks tumbling over her shoulders in carefully coiffed disarray it was impossible not to notice the exquisite clip of diamonds and red feathers she wore over her right ear. While the gown was stunning the headpiece was even more so.

Alek WekThe gorgeous Alek Wek dressed true to her roots in a multi-colored flowing silk off-the-shoulder gown that complimented her beautiful dark complexion perfectly. As she approached the red carpet it appeared that she was completely devoid of any jewelry or adornment but as she drew closer the crowd could see that she was wearing a stunningly simple dark cap of silk embellished with semi-precious stones in a wild array of colors.

Jodie KiddJodie Kidd caught the crowd off guard by stepping onto the red carpet in a short, flirty gown of shiny black silk with Swarovski crystal trimming at the hem. On her gorgeous blonde tresses she sported a miniature top hat in matching silk. Deceptively simple, the perfectly positioned hat dripped strands of matching Swarovski crystals that cascaded down her bare back.

Isabell KristensenHot pink and black were the colors of the night for Isabell Kristensen as she attended the Oscars. The long flowing full skirt ended just above her ankles, the low cut bodice perfectly plain. With her hair swept up into an elegant chignon, Isabell topped her outfit off with a large wide brimmed hat in black embroidered in hot pink.

Sophie DahlThe first things you notice about Sophie Dahl are her beautiful eyes. This woman would look good in anything she wore but for the Oscars she went all out in a long sequined silver gown that hugged her curves perfectly, as did the pill box-style hat in black that was cleverly placed slightly off to one side to give her a seriously sexy look. From the front of the hat cascaded a magnificent silver lace veil that stopped just short of those stunning eyes.

Joan CollinsJoan Collins may be getting on in years but you wouldn’t have known it when she walked down the red carpet. In true Joan Collins style her black gown was immaculately simple, leaving plenty of room for her headpiece to add the wow factor to her polished look. Who said the floppy hat is no longer in style? Someone should have told Louis Mariette because Joan wore his black lace and white feather embellished design as only Joan can. With style and consummate elegance!

Dannii MinogueOne has to wonder whether Dannii Minogue dyed her hair pink to match her gown or whether she chose her gown to match her hair. Either way there was no shortage of color in her outfit last night. Dannii wore her silky pink hair fixed tightly back from her face which was the right decision, as the spectacular hat she wore definitely needed to take center stage. Placed bravely over her right ear the hat was a cleverly orchestrated explosion of color, with pink feathers, black roses, porcupine quills and green lace fabric pouring down to brush her bare shoulders.

Lady GagaKnown for her outlandish stage costumes, Lady Gaga arrived to the Oscars unescorted, wearing a surprisingly understated full length white gown with matching elbow length gloves encrusted with diamonds. While her gown may have been low key her headpiece more than made up for it! A huge sparkling silver rose with a diamond center sat directly above her right eye, with tightly coiled silver wires artfully twisted and bent to form a cap over the rest of her blond head. Directly behind the rose and pointing skyward was a huge musical note formed from the same silver wire. Lady Gaga definitely knows how to make a statement!

Paris HiltonProudly displaying an almost indecent amount of cleavage Paris Hilton stepped onto the red carpet in a deep purple chiffon dress that left very little to the imagination. The backless gown dipped extremely low both front and back, but if anyone was hoping to see more than Paris was willing to expose they would have been sadly disappointed. Cleverly attached to the spaghetti straps was a gorgeous veil of matching purple lace that was attached to a stunning silver tiara headpiece encrusted with what was later revealed to be iolite gems in various shapes and sizes, with a large heart-shaped gem at the centre.

Kate MossIt‘s not unusual to see Kate Moss wearing something on her head as she is often seen out and about wearing a hat. Last night she set aside her penchant for hats and stepped onto the red carpet wearing a straight, sleeveless gold gown with a thigh high split up the left side, and a dainty gold tiara adorning her mass of shiny blond tresses. Cascading down the back was a veil of stiff gold netting with a trim of gold beading that was simply spectacular.


“Louis, I wouldn’t have thought it possible but you outdid yourself this time. This is the most magnificent hat I have ever had the pleasure of wearing. I loved it from the moment I saw it”

Susan Dey

“When I approached Louis and asked him to design a headpiece for my wedding it was almost magical the way he came up with the perfect design. It was almost as if he read my mind! Louis, you are amazing!”

Kathryn Boyd

“Every woman should have the opportunity to wear a Louis Mariette designer headpiece. I won’t go to anyone else but Louis. Why would I? He knows exactly what to create for every occasion”

Joan Collins