DIY: Make Your Own Stunning Wedding Hair Accessories

Whether you are artistic, creative or just want to save on the cost of your wedding hair accessories making your own can be a fun option that will allow you to wear a one-of-a-kind piece on your wedding day. While your wedding gown is definitely the centerpiece of your wedding day outfit the right hair accessories can take your look from beautiful to stunningly spectacular. Even if you are not particularly creative you may still find many wedding hair accessories surprisingly easy to make.

Fresh flowersFresh flowers – One of the simplest wedding hair accessories to make yourself is with fresh flowers. Choose a flower that will match your bouquet, add a little bit of greenery to provide a background for the flower, attach to a comb or pin and you have a simple, but gorgeous wedding hair accessory. With the trend towards all-natural growing year after year fresh flowers are a good choice.


broochUse an old brooch – If you (or an older family member) have an old vintage brooch that you love you can use it to make a unique hair accessory. Attach it to a comb or pin and place it at the center back of your hair if you have long hair. You could also attach it to a length of plain silk or satin ribbon as a headband, or if you have lace accents on your dress ask your dressmaker for a piece large enough to make a headband out of so it matches your dress. This will also take care of the “something old” part of the traditional wedding outfit.

pearlsRhinestones and faux pearls – You can make a gorgeous wedding hair accessory from a plain hair comb by adding either rhinestones or faux pearls, or a mixture of both. For a traditional look stick with clear rhinestones but if you want to add a splash of color you can add in a few colored ones too. Pearls are easily attached to bobby pins and can be placed in several places throughout your hairdo. Another hair accessory can be made by making half a dozen or more strings of faux pearls and attaching them to a hair comb that is placed at the top back of the head so the strings dangle down. Rhinestones can be glued to ribbon or lace and dangled from a hair comb too.

FeathersFeathers – White feathers attached to a hair comb can add a romantic, yesteryear accent to your wedding outfit. Arrange and glue feathers to a hair comb so that the stalks are attached to the comb and then for an additional touch glue rhinestones along the edge of the comb to give your hair accessory a touch of glamour. This is best worn either on the side of the head or at the top back of an upswept hairstyle. Another style is to form the feathers into a circle, glue to the comb and then add a fabric flower in the center. Into the center of the flower you could add a large rhinestone for some extra pizzazz.

VeilVeil – If you can sew you can create your own lace-edged veil. If you have lace on your wedding dress, ask the dressmaker for some of the lace fabric so you can use it to edge the veil. All you need is the lace, some netting and a good sewing machine. Once the lace has been attached to the edge of the netting if you wish to add extra adornment consider stitching individual pearls evenly spaced apart along the entire length of the lace trim. Alternatively you could glue rhinestones on to the lace edging. Attach the veil to clear hair combs and add more pearls or rhinestones to the hair combs.

Designer hair accessories – If you are stuck for inspiration or don’t feel you have enough creative flair to design something unique spend some time looking through magazines and online to find a wedding hair accessory that you like. Once you have chosen one that you think will be perfect for your wedding day figure out if you can make it yourself. While designer hair accessories often use expensive materials you can probably achieve a very similar look for much less. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same. It will still be unique because you made it yourself.